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Cookie Prices: Please note these are just guides so you know what

to expect before requesting a quote. If you ordered from me before,

please make sure to note new pricing details. Thank you for your continuous support.

1- Basic: Cookies start @$4.75 each per dozen and @$57 mixed. Make sure to note new pricing guidelines.

Includes 1-3 designs and 1-3 colors or designs using images

directly printed on the cookies using the latest technology of a 

food printer. Printed logos included with copyright release.

2- Printed cookies start @$4.25 each ($51) per dozen- Great for logos, Wedding place cards, Thank you cookies, picture cookies.

NEW- Mini printed cookies 2 x 2 inches $24 per dozen MINIMUM ORDER 3 DOZEN $2 each


3- Basic Detailed: Start @$5 each ($60 per dozen)


Includes up to 5 colors, flowers, custom handwriting (1-2 words), some basic application of metallic colors in small areas. If metallic is used in all cookies, additional fee applies.

These could be a mixed set/ simple and some more detailed designs.

3- Elaborate: Start @$5.25-$6 each ($63 to $72 per dozen)

Includes 5+ colors, and combination of hand painting, writing phrases or longer words, detailed designs, larger flowers, hand piped logos (1-3 colors) bold/premium colors like navy or burgundy will be automatically in this category, metallics.

4- Designer: $73+ to $80 per dozen

Unlimited colors and designs, hand cut cookies, different

personalization on each cookie, unique and very intricate, hand piped

logos with small details or more than 3 colors, simple characters, metallics.

  • Characters start at $6.00 each and go up depending on colors and details. 


  • All cookie orders are quoted depending on colors, design and



  • Payment in advance is required. 

  • Once you receive a quote it will expire and will be cancelled if not paid by the due date. you can request a new quote and will be provided if the date is still available.

  • Cookies are individually heat sealed at no extra charge.
  • Add bows to your order for $5 extra per dozen.
  • Cookies can range from 3-4 inches depending on the shape.

Please send us a request to receive a quote for your specific order.

Pictures of invitations, decorations, etc are welcome, everything helps to design

the perfect set for your event. Inspiration pictures are ok to send but please note

that everyone's work is different and unique. I will not copy an exact set, please see my work so you know what to expect.


Other options:

MINI and SMALL cookies are ONLY available as fillers or special orders, usually added to a regular size order. If you are ordering a large quantity, an all minis order is available upon approval. Large quantity is 6 dozen or more.


priced according to designs used.

MINI COOKIES (bite size) fillers start $24 per dozen ($2 each) 2 dozen min added

to regular order. Please note that the smaller cookies are only available for certain designs. 

Cookie Kits $30 (include 1 dozen cookies, 3 bags of icing and sprinkles) additional icing bags are $4 each
PAINT YOUR OWN cookies start at $5.00 each 3-4 inches and $6.00 each 5-6 inches.
Now offering PRINTED cookies. Your image or logo
printed directly onto the cookie with edible food colors.
Copyright images need a copy of the release, thank you.
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